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Dr. Dosik Kim, MD, FCCP
Dr. Dosik Kim, MD, FCCP

Meet Dr. Kim

Comprehensive care through patient education

At the North East Insomnia and Sleep Medicine center, Dosik Kim, MD, FCCP and a team of experienced medical professionals provide a full range of advanced diagnostic and treatment options for patients suffering from sleep and pulmonary disorders.

Dr. Kim was born in South Korea. His family emigrated to Dallas, Texas when Dr. Kim was 11 years of age. He has since lived in several states around the country and he believes that his experience with people from many diverse cultures enables him to better communicate with his patients and to achieve positive results.

After beginning his medical studies as a biology major at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., Dr. Kim returned to South Korea to finish his pre-med degree at the Yonsei University in Seoul.  In 1997, Dr. Kim received a medical degree from the Yonsei University College of Medicine.

After working in a rotational internship at the Asian Medical Center, Dr. Kim returned to the United Sates and participated in both the Internal Medicine Program at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Indianapolis, IN and the Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship with Sleep Training at Henry Ford Hospital, in Detroit, MI. Dr. Kim practiced medicine in Pennsylvania for 14 years before moving his office to Staten Island in 2020.

Today, with more than 18 years in private practice, Dr. Kim is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Kim’s approach to his practice is based on his belief that well-informed patients are better able to contribute in their own recovery. By educating patients about all aspects of their condition, Dr. Kim sets the stage for success. He talks to his patients about the tests he will perform and why those tests are needed. He thoroughly reviews results with his patients and takes the time to explain what they mean. Dr. Kim then presents his treatment strategy and answers all of the patient’s questions in detail.


According to Dr. Kim, knowledgeable patients are more likely to comply with their treatment plan. He believes that the extra time he spends helping the patient understand how their condition relates to their overall health produces many worthwhile benefits. This process also includes discussing contributing factors such as weight control, high-blood pressure, age, heart disease and any other conditions that effect the patient’s well-being.


Dr. Kim’s philosophy extends beyond the individual patient to the global dissemination of information about better health. With the patient’s permission, Dr. Kim strives to educate the family members and caregivers who will be aiding the patient in their recovery. He added that this approach is especially important when assisting the parents of children suffering with pediatric sleep apnea.


The well-equipped North East Insomnia and Sleep Medicine center is characterized by its comfortable and inviting environment. Dr. Kim and the North East Insomnia and Sleep Medicine staff routinely perform a variety of tests on-site. The Staten Island facility can conduct up to five sleep studies per night. Dr. Kim also administers sleep studies at hospitals and in home settings when those venues are either more desirable or required by health insurance. The practice also offers comprehensive pulmonary function testing and diagnosis services such as arterial blood gas analysis, bronchoscopy, carbon monoxide blood levels, EBUS testing, thoracentesis and polysomnography.


In addition to his work at The North East Insomnia and Sleep Medicine, Dr. Kim enjoys an active lifestyle that includes road cycling and skiing. He also is the father of two grown sons and an aviation enthusiast, who is currently pursuing a private pilot’s license.

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